Open CV

I completed my first project in OpenCV after an eight hour struggle.

OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision) is a library of programming functions for real time computer vision.

You may download the latest version @ Source Forge

I bought the official tutorial for OpenCV which is a very good book.

You will need CMake and MinGW as a pre-requisite.

After you have finished installing OpenCV( don’t forget to include the path while installing. Else, you have to do it manually)

You have to compile the Open CV files before you launch your project.

You may use the CMake GUI to compile your files.

You have to specify the source directory as the OpenCV directory and the destination may be any preferred temporary directory.

Click on Configure followed by Generate in your CMake GUI.

Once the output tab displays “Generating done”, your ready to launch your first project.

To be continued….


2 Responses to Open CV

  1. kaarvannan says:

    what did you implement?

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