Home Depot is simplifying shopping using connected devices!

I have been frantically printing ornaments for the Christmas tree using my new M3D printer (my review of the M3D coming soon). The incessant printing clogged my printer yesterday and I needed a steel wire to unclog the extruder.

I checked the availability of a steel wire at the nearest Home Depot using their website. Apart from providing the availability information at a particular store, Home Depot also provides information related to the aisle where the steel wire is located. I was surprised to find additional information including the ‘bay’ where I could find this steel wire. The site also has provisions to text this info to someone.



Location of the item inside the store

I was not sure about locating the item at that particular aisle using the bay information. It turns out Home Depot has started labeling different sections/bays of an aisle using numbers.


Bay Numbers at Home Depot

Home Depot is probably maintaining its inventory at all stores using RFID readers, bar code scanners etc for a while now.

I am glad that they have started helping their customers by providing more resolution to the location of an item in a store than merely stating that “Item X is available at your local store”.

At this year’s ARM TechCon keynote sessions, one of the speakers noted that we are past the era of designing variations of connected sensors. He pointed out that companies have started directing their focus towards enforcing behavior change using connected devices.

It is interesting to learn that stores like Home Depot have already started helping their customers save time by sharing more information about their products using their existing infrastructure of connected sensors.

I am certain that Home Depot has invested in some user experience research to improve their web store shopping experience (for e.g. Paypal integration, text messaging option on the item’s web page) as well as enhance the shopping experience using their current infrastructure of inventory scanners.

Way to go Home Depot!


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