About Me

My name is Sai (pronounced somewhat like Cy 🙂 ). I am from India. I grew up in an industrial city called Coimbatore in the state of Tamilnadu (a south Indian state). The city’s nickname is ‘The South Indian Manchester’. I graduated from Anna Univeristy, Chennai with a degree in Mechatronics.

I developed an interest in building robots and I moved to the United States in 2010 to pursue a masters degree @ Carnegie Mellon. Upon graduation, I moved to Chicago, where I worked for Raw Thrills as an Electronics/Computer Engineer. At Raw Thrills, I developed and supported arcade game hardware in different phases of their life cycle. I wrote firmware for lighting arrangements, test application for production needs etc. I got to play games for a living and loved my stay in Chicago.

I decided to escape Chicago’s cold weather and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. I drove through Route 66 to reach San Francisco. I am really proud of my cross country drive and I usually never stop talking about it. I am currently an Embedded Systems Engineer at Altschool. I build devices that enhance the classroom experience for students @ Altschool and help them achieve their full potential.

In my free time, I go on short trips with my brother, play with the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino boards (different flavors of the Arduino). I wrote a book on DIY projects using the Raspberry Pi.


11 Responses to About Me

  1. Stephen says:

    Sai, loving this blog of yours.

    I am trying to integrate OpenCV2.3.1 into Nokia QT. However, despite doing everything that everyone everywhere has said I still have issues. The code compiles w/ no errors when I reference the 32bit libraries from OpenCv2.3 but it just comes out to an empty command prompt window. I am using Windows 7 64bit Home so I assume this is why. However, when I change the include directories to x64, I just get a bunch of “invalid reference to cv::” errors.

    Do you have experience in working with QT? It would be great if I can email you my code and if you can see what I am doing wrong. Or maybe Windows 64 is just taking a piss on me?

    • yamanoorsai says:

      Hello Steve,

      I have no experience in QT. I shall try to explore QT in the future. However, I can try to assist you if you are still facing problems

  2. WellWisher_IOS says:

    Good luck!!!!

  3. In your book “Raspberry Pi Mechatronics Projects HOTSHOT” On page 20 we are instructed to install files from a URL that no longer exists. Packet Publishing has no errata listed for the book. Is there an updated URL?

    • yamanoorsai says:

      Are you referring to the quick2wire example? I will correct it.

      • yamanoorsai says:

        The quick2wire library could be installed as follows (they managed to add it to the official repositories): sudo apt-get install quick2wire-gpio-admin. However, I do not recommend using it since it appears that the library is actively maintained since I wrote the chapter. Thanks for pointing this out. I will record this in the book’s webpage. Sorry about the inconvenience caused.

      • Ok, I’m actually using an Odroid C1 that has a rpi compatible gpio header. My goal is to learn enough to be able to build a web controlled hexapod, and eventually some more complexed animatronic maybe even my own Crypt Keeper. I’m mostly using python for accessing the gpio. Any advice you have moving forward would be appreciated.

      • yamanoorsai says:

        Actually they are different platforms. What flavor of Linux are you running on the Odroid? They probably have a different GPIO library for the Odroid SBC.

      • Ubuntu 14.04.03lts. It is different but the gpio are arranged and the driver is interfaced identical to the pi. I’ve used the adafruit code for the Trellis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMx6OB_YHjE I’m sure there will be some hurdles to overcome but so far everything from adafruit has worked that I have had the chance to try. I am hoping to order two of their 16 servo controllers soon.

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