PIC12F508 — as small as it is

March 3, 2010

I ordered a PIC12F508 from http://www.kitsnspares.com . I assumed that the package of the microcontroller would be a DIP package. It was a MSOP package when it arrived.

A cute little microcontroller

I am trying to develop a customised board for this controller.


PCB drill tool

January 26, 2010

I must thank my friend “NASA” Satish on this occasion. I had some problems with my development board. The manufacturer didn’t drill the mounting holes for a few components.  My friend suggested that I buy a hand drill available at Sunrise Electronics, Coimbatore. I never knew that a hand drill for PCB drilling was available at INR 100. I strongly recommend this tool to all hobbyists. This drilling tool comes with drill bits of 6 different diameters.

The drill bit is quite easier to mount. Just take a bit and lock it inside the holder. You drill the hole by pressing the tool from top. The threaded part of the tool gives rotary motion to the holder. Drilling has never been this easy!