Building cvBlobsLib for OpenCv 2.3 Windows 7

July 14, 2011

Interested in Blob analysis of images?

You have two options namely cvblob and cvBlobsLib. The former one can be compiled in Linux. I tried it over two different versions of ubuntu but I got a lzlib dependency error that never got resolved in one of them.

The latter one is not documented for OpenCV 2.3 in Windows 7.

Open your project and set your include directories in VC++ as well as C++–>General to <Open_CV_Dir>/build/include.

There might be an error — “cxtypes.h is missing: No such file or directory” when you try to build the library. This header file has been replaced with cxcore.h for OpenCV 2.1 and higher. So just include cxcore.h in place of cxtypes.h for building the library. Your build should be successful.


Good luck!